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    At HappyBites we value people who take up their own initiative.

  • Open Positions

    Let us know in the application which position you are applying to.


    a growth guru

    We're looking for a full-time Sales Person who will help us scale and grow rapidly. Previous Sales experience and proven growth tactics required. Most importantly, we need someone who's ready to dive into hustle mode in a startup and get things done quickly.

    Entrepreneur in Residence

    5 months Internship

    We're looking for an Intern to support the business & growth aspects, as well as solving challenges we're currently facing. Much of the position can be definied together based on previous experience.


    Cookie Maker (if you are more hands-on)

    We're looking for an Intern who will help with the cookie making (inviting you to our secret process). It will involve lots of measuring, mixing and baking! And coming up with your own recipes/ ideas.

  • What We Offer

    Although there is a lot more to it...

    Start-Up Environment

    Sometimes it's crazy, sometimes it's fun, but everyday could look different.


    People have different priorities, which is why we offer flexible hours.


    It's more than likely that you'll get the chance to taste test some cookies!


    You'll be able to work from home (even abroad) most of the time while we find an office.

  • Our Hiring Process

    Simple, Enjoyable and Healthy... Oh, whoops! That's our vision.

    Step 1

    Familiarize yourself with HappyBites

    You've investigated our website, know what we do and why we do it, and have tracked down the core team on LinkedIn (maybe even our Advisors).

    Step 2


    You fill out our job application and answer some of our questions.

    Step 3


    If we like your profile we'll get back to you (as soon as we can in the crazy world that is a startup), and arrange our first meeting.

    Step 4


    After our meeting we'll set up a test project for approximately 2 weeks to see how well we work together and assess your own initiative.

    Step 5

    Join our HappyTeam

    After successful completion of the test project you'll be invited to join our team!

  • What we Believe in at HappyBites

    - saving the planet -


    Healthy and happy vegans all over the world.


    We want to eliminate deficiencies in vegans by offering a supplement alternative that is simple, healthy and enjoyable!

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    If you've got any questions, or would like to join us even though there aren't any open positions, shoot us a message!

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